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Our admiralty and maritime team is experienced in representing number of clients in maritime disputes involving arrest of ships, charter parties, collisions, cargo claims, pollution claims, maritime liens, ship finance etc. LLC’s diverse group of clients includes marine underwriters, vessel owner/operators, banks, government agencies, and individuals. We frequently call on and benefit from the depth and breadth of our lawyers’ expertise in complimentary practice areas including litigation, disputes concerning contracts of affreightment, claims under marine insurance policies and judicial sales. The lawyers at LLC, Law Firm Dhaka Bangladesh, also have wide experience in dealing with claims of casualties, collision, pilotage, towing and salvage under Bangladesh law and international conventions. In case of unavoidable litigation at the High Court Division of Bangladesh our associates will represent our clients with filling a suit or defending any claim regarding actions in rem or actions in personem.
The firm handles a wide range of shipping matters for both domestic and international clients including owners, agents, P&I clubs, financiers, charterers and cargo interests together with their insurers. The firm has also represented freight forwarders, trade associations and other providers of maritime services.

Bangladesh is a developing country and its GDP is mainly based on its agriculture expansion. Nearly 47.5% of the manpower in Bangladesh is engaged in agriculture. The cultivating lands are fertile and it has all the facility to grow huge amount of crops per year, thus, in many instances organizations connected to agriculture requires various legal support.
LLC lawyers understand the agro-industry and its complexities, risks, challenges and opportunities. Our lawyers have expertise to deliver innovative, cutting-edge solutions to the challenges its clients face. At LLC,
Law Firm Dhaka Bangladesh, we deliver unrivalled local jurisdiction knowledge, global reach and legal resources. With an understanding of the farming industry and experience with companies that grow, process and distribute food products, our agribusiness experts have the essential knowledge and diverse range of skills to help you get the results  instantly. Our potential clients are farm organizations, businesses engaged in farm-related projects, producers and producer organizations, food processing companies, biotechnology organizations, crop protection agencies, various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), commodity groups, and financial institutions dedicated to the agribusiness sector. Our experience and areas of expertise cover various matter including securitization of receivables in agriculture financial, commodity trading instruments, rural land acquisition and leasing, environmental laws and licensing. We do advices on regulations, production, marketing and sales of crops and fertilizers.

Our skilful lawyers have dealt with a number of anti-corruption cases involving offences under the various laws, some of which involved representing very high profile clients. We frequently deal with issues of possession of property disproportionate to known source of income, offences of bribery, misuse of powers by government officers, offences of criminal breach of trust etc. and as such, we profess to possess comprehensive knowledge in the most important legal provisions of the anti corruption sector.
Our dedicated and skilful lawyers can provide the clients with invaluable assistance by managing and providing all the necessary legal documents asked by the Anti-Corruption Commission investigating officer and by maintaining the much needed liaison with/ on behalf of the Anti-Corruption Commission where required. The experienced lawyers of the firm will also be able to represent the clients in respect of their anti-corruption case at the designated courts, if it comes to trial. In brief, constant support, sufficient conferencing hours and exceptional legal assistance is provided at LLC to ensure smooth progression of each and every case from the very initial enquiry stage through to its final disposal.

Alternative dispute resolution is one of the key services that LLC offers to its clients. The expert arbitration team of LLC is incredibly attentive which works with a common-sense approach and is extremely helpful in dealing with legal strategies.
Lawyers of LLC are skilled in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes including mediation, arbitration, discovery referee, project neutral, and dispute review board work. LLC prides itself on having lawyers who possess long experience in representing multinational companies and local conglomerates in various forms of ADR. LLC lawyers have represented clients in both local and international arbitrations including arbitration at the International Court of Arbitration (ICC).
Our lawyers are highly professional and committed to maintain a friendly and informal environment which sooths the parties while ensuring attention to detail and accuracy of the substance of their arguments. Besides, ensuring advanced training with regard to client representation in dispute resolution methods, LLC keeps its team members updated about latest issues relating to arbitration by attending seminars and workshops arranged by Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC) on a regular basis.       

Over recent years the global aviation sector has witnessed the rapid growth of air travel in emerging markets. LLC,
Law Firm Dhaka Bangladesh, prides itself on being connected with this industry. At LLC clients are always offered a high quality service. We are experienced in all types of aviation related work, whether in the context of fleeting programmes, high-value disputes, corporate transactions, commercial contracts, and development of aviation infrastructure.

We provide and process necessary legal documents and formalities with the Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh (CAAB) who functions as the regulatory body for all aviation related activities in Bangladesh. We are experienced to meet our clients’ needs of making contacts with CAAB and other regulatory public authority and to comply with all the legal provisions to solve any problem.

Expert practitioners of LLC offer the clients the much needed  expertise on a diverse range of local and international transactions, as well as the valuable support with rules, regulations and compliance matters in accordance with the provisions relating to the banking and financial sector.
Our experience and areas of expertise include structured finance, corporate finance, project finance, security and guarantees, securitization and factoring, private equity, capital markets offerings, investment funds, banking and financial regulation, securities regulation and many more. Besides, LLC,
Law Firm Dhaka Bangladesh, keeps contact with the local public bodies and organization on behalf of the clients with a view to maintaining a good relationship with the respective liaison officers so that the best interest of its clients can be promoted in every way possible.

In relation to services related to land,  we possess an skilled group of lawyers’ specializing in drafting, vetting and scrutinizing land related documents, e.g. title deeds, lease deeds, bia deeds, records and other relevant papers in order to legally establish title and other rights attached to land. We also have extended our services in relation to dealing with various governmental authorities such as RAJUK, AC Land Office, Ministry of Housing, National Housing Authority, etc. Further, we provide service in relation to mortgage of property and registration of mortgage on a regular basis.
LLC lawyers also handles cases relating to loan recovery under Artha Rin Adalat Ain, bank guarantee, foreign exchange regulation, letter of credit, matters arising under Bank Company Act, credit information, cheque dishonour, recovery suit, title suit etc in both High Court and District Court Level.
Combining international capabilities and knowledge with local market insight, our lawyers experienced in the banking and financing sectors have an extensive background in financing transactions in all major economic segments. They also have the industry-specific understanding to identify the challenges, issues and opportunities that are unique to any business, in any sector, worldwide.

LLC advises clients on a complete range of corporate and commercial matters including but not limited to all aspects of company incorporation, corporate and commercial drafting. We also advise and assist clients in corporate transactions, buying and selling equity in companies, alteration of company charter documents, filing of annual returns, joint ventures as well as winding up.
We also provide a comprehensive range of services necessary for the establishment of business and operation in Bangladesh by foreign investors.  We also assist in obtaining statutory permissions and sanctions from various regulatory and Government bodies, departments and agencies i.e., Board of Investment (BOI), Bangladesh Bank (Central bank of Bangladesh), Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Telecommunication and the departments of these Ministries.
Besides, lawyers of LLC regularly draft and negotiate contracts for its clients which are central to any business transaction. The firm routinely advises and represents clients in complex international and domestic corporate transactions.

The highly skilled lawyers of LLC have the requisite expertise and capabilities required for dealing with projects involving construction and infrastructural development. LLC has worked with a diverse range of participants in the construction and infrastructure sector – including multinational contractors, architects, engineers, material suppliers, equipment providers and project managers.  
Our lawyers have practical experience of dealing with problems which generally arise during implementation of large projects and thus our lawyers are capable of providing our clients with high-quality, cost-effective assistance in emerging areas that include compliance of legal provisions, upgrading of infrastructure, “greening” of power and construction projects and specialized financing.
Our experience and areas of expertise include selecting project delivery systems, drafting and administering contracts, including change orders, providing risk avoidance guidance to clients, representing clients to various entities both locally and nationally, responding to government safety investigations, wind and solar industries, working with clients to identify and comply with financing requirements related to a specific project, representing clients in mediation, arbitration and litigation when claims arise, assisting governments in construction and infrastructure projects, compliance with applicable codes and regulations where the project is located.

At LLC we offer our clients expert advice on cross-border and overseas transaction. LLC has experienced team members who are well aware of the complexities and risks associated with cross-border transactions due to strict exchange control regime in Bangladesh, differing legislative provisions, exchange rate fluctuation and other factors. Global experience, local connection and awareness of the newest rules and trends in cross-border transaction put our lawyers ahead of any other entity.
Our clients can gain competitive advantage by having an insight into the legal provisions of the jurisdictions of their overseas partners, buyers and suppliers. LLC ensures maximisation of profit while ensuring conformation to all the applicable rules for its clients during every cross-border transaction. At LLC we undertake extensive research on any transaction that involves multiple jurisdictions and ensure that the interests of our clients are protected at all times.   

Our experience and areas of expertise include structuring and completing acquisitions and divestitures across multiple jurisdictions, joint ventures and alliances, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets (debt and equity), including securities laws and compliance, project and corporate finance, private equity and venture capital, debt financing, equity financing, partnership and trust law, institutional funds and financial services, e-commerce, technology, outsourcing etc.

LLC understands the ever-changing field of telecommunications. Our telecommunications group connects our clients to an unrivalled global network of lawyers who are experienced and have a deep knowledge of the issues and challenges clients usually face and an understanding of what it takes to protect their assets and build success. Therefore, our clients can rely on our telecommunications experts to help anticipate issues, respond to challenges and deliver smart legal solutions that are based on an indigenous understanding of local markets. LLC offers services including wireless data and media issues, litigation, regulatory issues, consumer protection, cable networks and operators, business transfers, broadcasting, information technology etc.
When clients’ legal needs move beyond telecommunications issues, our network can connect you to the additional knowledge, experience, skills and services you might require from their full-service commercial law firms.

LLC’s employment group has the requisite reach, broad expertise, capability and deep resources that organizations need to accumulate in today’s most challenging employment-related matters. We provide services of administration of labour contracts, complying grievance procedures, individual employment rights, discrimination, restructuring labour relations issues, employment litigation and appeals, mediation and arbitration between two or more companies or between the company and the labour union, union organization, and elections, collective bargaining, consultation requirements in mergers etc.
LLC also provides employers with a high-quality, cost-effective way to ensure compliance whenever and wherever compensation matters arise whether in cases of winding up of a company or in the Employment Tribunal if necessary. Our experience and areas of expertise include issues concerning compensation for top executives, including equity and deferred compensation arrangements, interplay of domestic and foreign laws applicable to global benefits for employees and executive, pension, profit-sharing and fiduciary compliance requirements. LLC regularly designs, drafts and advises regarding the implementation of health and safety regulations, fire policy, wellness and other similar types of plans, ensures compliance with local and national regulatory requirements and provides representation before regulatory/government agencies. LLC also advises regarding employee benefits matters, training and education for human resource managers, guidance with required communications with employees etc. We at LLC,
Law Firm Dhaka Bangladesh, give employers access to first-rate legal skills and additionally make sure that the clients get swift, smart, sound legal solutions on a diverse range of critical workforce issues.

On the verge of global warming and the necessity to protect the mother-nature, the number and range of environmental issues facing companies have grown significantly expanding from land development, waste management and permitting to include matters such as climate change, greenhouse gas concerns and carbon footprints. The lawyers of LLC have broad expertise, deep resources and global reach that clients need to manage these issues, and to stay even a step ahead of ever-changing national and international environmental regulations.
Through our exclusive advisers and practitioners, we provide access to high-quality; focused advice and assistance that clients need to avoid environmental problems from the beginning; to solve problems if they should arise. The experience and expertise of LLC lawyers are extensive, and includes land use development, redevelopment and planning, management of hazardous, non-hazardous and toxic materials, recycling, energy production, surface and groundwater issues, carbon emissions, greenhouse gas emission standards and credit opportunities, carbon trading and sequestration biodiversity and endangered species etc.
With our environmental law experts, you can be assured of receiving responsive service for environmental issues that are local, regional, national or international in scope.

Experienced lawyers of LLC can get the help and guidance to its clients required to make decisions and if necessary to guide through the legal process. LLC lawyers have vast experience in family matters including all disputes and issues relating to marriage, divorce, ward ship, child custody, residence and all financial claims connected with them, including maintenance, property, lump sum etc. We aim to combine our considerable knowhow and experience, with an understanding and caring approach.
We are also conscious of the need in some cases for a more robust approach and can help clients maintain their belief in seeking a remedy through the family law tribunals of the Judge Court.
From start to finish we take the time to listen to clients’ concerns and to address them as we go. Whether our clients need to use a legal process right away or just have a few questions about a specific process LLC is here to listen and to help our clients make the decisions that will give our clients the best chance of achieving the outcome that they need and deserve.

Bangladesh has proved to be a resilient and attractive investment destination even in the thick of a severe global economic downturn. New opportunities are emerging for foreign investors in Bangladesh every day. Bangladesh is one of the top choices for foreign investment as the country is suitable for relocating industries because of its strong local market, access to greater global market and proven export competitiveness, flexible tax treatment etc.
LLC is committed to provide quality and innovative legal services to corporations, government, banks, financial institutions and all types of commercial organizations who seek to invest in Bangladesh.  Our clients will be benefitted from all the services they require to invest in Bangladesh. The firm advises on corporate law, income tax, dispute resolution, banking and finance, energy and projects, and offers a full range of specialist services.  
LLC gives its clients sound advice and assistance in registering, structuring and managing their investments and operations, including establishment of representative or branch offices. For the potential investors in Bangladesh, LLC also offers services like incorporation of a company and registering with Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC), opening corporate bank account, arranging trade license, tax identification number (TIN) certificate, Board of Investment (BOI) approval and assist with any other post registration compliances. Apart from this we help our clients by providing them with review and advice tailored to jurisdiction, counter-party, and legal and regulatory considerations.

Health care industries are developing rapidly given that the current population of Bangladesh is around 160 million. Experienced lawyers of LLC offer expertise and resources you need to establish and operate any healthcare service. Our expert practitioners would provide our clients with high-quality, cost-effective advice whenever and wherever health-related issues arise. Member lawyers have the on the-ground expertise, market-specific insight and local connections necessary to deliver seamless, result-oriented legal service. From transactional opportunities to regulatory questions to complex litigation, our clients rely on our legal team to anticipate problems and offer smart legal solutions on local, national and global matters. LLC consists of experienced, knowledgeable lawyers who represent a wide variety of health care clients, including hospitals; physicians; academic health centres; skilled nursing facilities; long-term care facilities; individual and group practices; multi-specialty clinics; health care associations; clinical laboratories; community-based residential facilities.

The concept of ‘human rights’ have evolved to its ultimate stage in the global platform and it triumphs over any and every other concepts in the modern legal world. Our lawyers are not only adequately enlightened with the international standard of ‘human rights’ but also immensely conversant with rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and by such other human rights documents  ratified in Bangladesh that ensures their enforceability within the existing legal framework of Bangladesh. In any case of alleged violation of human rights, our lawyers upon the instruction of the client will be able to initiate writ in the High Court of Bangladesh or initiate proceeding in any other appropriate forum to protect the rights of the clients accorded to them by the constitution of Bangladesh. In such proceedings, our internationally trained lawyers with their in-depth knowledge of the international standard of human rights will be able to formulate their arguments in consonance with international quality which would be highly beneficial to our clients.

Taxation is a highly specialised area of practice and at LLC we have experienced lawyers who deal with tax matters of our corporate and individual clients. LLC ensures that our clients can avail themselves of all the advantages, exemptions and rebates which they are entitled to. Our expert tax advisors possess experience of working with reputed international accounting firms. Corporate tax is an arena which our lawyers have unmatchable knowledge and insight. Designing tax efficient corporate structures, ensuring compliance with local and international tax rules and client representation in dispute resolution with tax authorise are some of our featured tax related services, At LLC,
Law Firm Dhaka Bangladesh, we provide consolidated packages for dealing with income tax matters which include return filing, withholding tax, capital gain and interest on securities. Maintaining correspondence with tax office and prompt resolution of disputes ensure hassle-free tax solution to our clients.

Lawyers in the LLC know the IP issues, challenges and concerns facing large and small enterprises and can provide creative solutions that preserve and protect your business concerns. Our IP lawyers’ understanding of local jurisdictions, governments and markets and their ability to help its clients keep up with ever changing laws and regulations around the world assures an unparalleled level of responsive, results-oriented service to our clients. We have experience and our area of expertise covers patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing and technology transfer, trade secrets, rights of publicity and privacy, advertising, merger and acquisition, e-business, IP dispute resolution and litigation, registered design, franchising, competition law and many more.

Insurance and reinsurance are highly complex areas in which there is no substitute for market knowledge, technical excellence and sector expertise. LLC’s expert advisers are thriving to excel in this practise area relying upon their innovative attitudes, highly effective research skills, and deep understanding of the issues.  We advise insurers, reinsurers, brokers, financial institutions and insured corporations on all insurance related matters including underwriting, insurance market joint ventures, insurance industry regulatory affairs and insurance product design.  Our lawyers are well acquainted with issues such as group insurance, life insurance, motor vehicle insurance, insurance guarantee, enforcing insurance claims and reinsurance agreements.
We have practical experience on establishment of insurance company in Bangladesh from the stage of incorporation to post registration compliance including obtaining approval from Insurance Development Regulatory Authority of Bangladesh (IDRA)

LLC offers expert advice in relation to insolvency, bankruptcy, liquidation and restructuring of corporations.  Lawyers in our Insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring group are well versed with the laws in relation to insolvency and amalgamation.  Our experience and areas of expertise include advice on duties and liabilities of directors and officers, protection of shareholders’ rights, protection of preferential shareholders’ rights. LLC lawyers have practical experience of advising corporations on insolvency issues and representing them in takeover bids.   

LLC has a dedicated group of lawyers for litigation and arbitration. Our litigation team handles matters related to bankruptcy, money court suits as well as criminal cases relating to commercial transaction such as cheque dishonour, fraud, forgery, and misappropriation. Lawyers of the firm have represented clients in various international arbitration matters. The firm successfully represented number of clients in various admiralty matters in both lower court and in the High Court.
The firm also undertakes legal services related to property disputes, reviewing and carrying out due diligence of property documents as well as regular civil and criminal litigation in various courts of Bangladesh. LLC maintains liaison with the senior lawyers of the country and the learned seniors represent LLC clients in a further professional manner together with LLC lawyers when and where it demands so.

Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”) team of LLC provides comprehensive services and creative solutions to the multifaceted problems that clients face in public and private transactions. In order to do so LLC comply with the governing statutes, rules and regulation and also investigate the actual financial condition evaluating the financial reports, records and statements submitted to Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, Dhaka, Bangladesh through our depth of experience with national international transactions.
LLC lawyers offer its immense experience in M&A having worked for major Bangladeshi and multinational corporations. LLC advises its clients on all aspects of M&A. Our M&A team work jointly with other teams of LLC such as employment, environmental regulation, intellectual property, real estate and tax etc. LLC regularly advises on various aspects of M&A which covers due-diligence, negotiations, preparation and finalization of agreements, obtaining necessary permissions from the relevant authorities, execution and completion of transaction, obtaining court permission with regard to amalgamations.
Our mergers and acquisitions lawyers are among the most highly regarded in this field and have represented clients ranging from multinational corporations with sophisticated business development programs to individuals. Services we offer includes public/private mergers, tender and exchange offers, joint ventures/strategic alliances, going private deals, divestitures, asset and stock acquisitions, recapitalizations and restructurings etc.

Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC) understands the necessity of legal compliance due to the increasing media, entertainment and sports group activities around the country and abroad. Our experienced practitioners work together seamlessly to enhance value and deliver results for clients locally and internationally providing various service covering vast field of entertainment, communications, media and technology. We provide assistance on various matters in relation to digital media, entertainment, sports law, games, music, television programming and production, publishing, software and technology, radio and television broadcast, film, defamation, privacy, contempt, suppression orders, censorship etc.

The Government of Bangladesh urges that Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) will bring forward developmental goals of the government and work as supplementary force of the government.
By virtue of the local laws NGOs are required to be registered and comply with several procedures as prescribed by laws and government Bangladesh. At LLC our clients could be benefitted from our services which include managing, arranging and drafting necessary documents for local and foreign NGO registration in Bangladesh. Also we assists our clients in filling up various forms, constitution of the NGO, decision of the committee/board to open office in Bangladesh, letter of appointment of the Country Representative etc. We regularly negotiate with the landlord in support of opening the office in Bangladesh, draft deed of agreement and provide any other support that NGOs may require.
In addition, we also offer services of post registration compliance for NGOs which include, renewal of approval, work permit, obtaining various approvals and permissions, submitting yearly reports etc.

LLC lawyers played a leading role in the power, energy and natural resources sector for many years and our work in this area forms an integral part of our energy practice. Our work for the clients include license applications, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, environmental, tax and dispute resolution. Lawyers at LLC have been involved in the establishment and financing of a number of projects in Bangladesh.
Our lawyers were also involved in acquisitions and disposals. We have acted on significant numbers of large projects in Bangladesh and have one of the leading practices in this area. Our lawyers have a strong track record of advising governments and private sector entities.
We are also ready to assist our clients in meeting the even more complex demands of regulatory frameworks, such as emissions and energy trading, by providing highest level of legal advice and industry knowledge.
The energy and resources group observes local and international industry trends, such as developments in alternative sources of power, to help give its client the edge on issues that continue to dominate the energy and infrastructure sector of Bangladesh.

Experienced lawyers of LLC are well-positioned to offer clients seamless, fully integrated legal support and representation on a wide range of domestic and international projects, transactions and investments. Members of the group represent a variety of clients, including corporations, multilateral lenders, sponsors, developers, institutional investors, contractors and operators ensuring sufficient consultation time.
Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the complexities that can arise throughout a transaction. Additionally, our in-depth understanding of local laws and markets, governments and industry sectors enables us to assist in structuring and financing projects in Bangladesh. Our service includes evaluating the transaction and providing due diligence, interfacing with local counsel, country negotiations, drafting, reviewing and negotiating project documents, financing agreements and security documents, overseeing the disbursement process and advising during operational period etc.


The firm provides full range of legal support for real estate and land related matters including drafting and vetting of land documents with due diligence, physical verification, and drafting of land related deeds as well as trust deeds. We also assist with registration of deeds and agreements with the relevant sub registry office. Our paralegals are experienced and familiar with land survey, valuation, sub registry office record searching, and registration of deeds, agreements and trusts. LLC lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience of handling complex land matters.
Our services also include title investigation, assisting clients in purchasing, selling and developing real estate that have been used by a large number of developers of commercial and residential projects. We also deal with large numbers of litigation on a regular basis in relation to various real estate matters at different hierarchy of courts.

Capital markets’ practice of LLC offers a range of legal services to Bangladeshi corporate's planning to raise funds from various markets. Our lawyers have dealt with securitization, launching of mutual funds, issue management, creation of investment products and private equity financing.
LLC possesses the ability to offer our clients a highly practice-specific advice given our combined knowledge-base of securities law and the expertise of working with various industry sectors. Further, due to our ability to draw from our tax, banking and other expert practice areas, we are able to provide our clients with a complete legal and business solution. The firm’s close relation with the local stock exchanges and regulatory bodies helps us to ensure that we are capable of offering our clients all the necessary assistance in complying with legal requirements.

Law Firm Dhaka Bangladesh, assists multinational clients and their executives with a wide variety of immigration, work permit, visa and citizenship matters. Our practitioners work closely with both in-house legal counsel and human resource personnel, providing employers and their executives with a high-quality; cost-effective way to ensure full compliance wherever issues related to immigration and citizenship in Bangladesh arises.