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Our Culture:



Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC), a leading law firm in Dhaka Bangladesh, Barristers, Solicitors, Advocates & Lawyers achieve excellence through collective effort and the willingness to share expertise for providing exceptional legal services for litigation, arbitration, dispute resolution & anti-corruption cases.



The scope and variety of our work is such that it suits many different personalities. We are unified by a shared commitment to quality of service and outcome. Through our panel lawyers successful practices, excellent expertise, variety of legal work, commitment to client, best and cost effective advices, quality and exceptional legal services that a legal chamber can provide, related to legal opinion, dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration, LLC is becoming one of the leading law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh.



There is an underlying sense of pride in who we are and what we do. The atmosphere here in our legal chamber is friendly and supportive. We value all our members’ contributions and we strongly believe in the importance of personal respect. At Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC), law firm Dhaka, we create a culture of valuing in true sense the professional and personal aspects of the incumbents by supporting Work life Balance in our day to day practices.



This is the culture, which underpins our approach and integral contributing factors to our success.