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Our Law Firm Focus on Experience, Skill, Capacity and Qualification.



At Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC), law firm Dhaka, you will find people from different religious, cultural and social background. We also do not discriminate and differentiate between gender specific roles and encourage gender diversity in the workplace. The principals of equal opportunity and diversity are fundamental to our continuing success. They are part of our philosophy and essential feature of our practice.



It is our unequivocal policy not to discriminate against anyone, either directly or indirectly, on grounds of ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, disability, religion, age, part time or Fix term status, or any other irrelevant basis.



Our law firm solely focus and value qualifications, capability, experience and skills of our legal practice team members: Barristers, Solicitors, Advocates and Lawyers for their dedication to legal profession, which is one of the pillars of continuing successes and also providing an encouraging platform for growth.



We endeavor to treat everyone – both inside and outside the firm – with attention, courtesy, respect and consideration.