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International Approach:



Our international approach is focused primarily on the needs of our international clients. All our international offices work together in a unified manner to ensure best legal advices to clients about their infrastructure development and other projects in Bangladesh and abroad.



We follow a few basic principles, which include but is not limited to, the following:-


•      Clarity- Focusing challenges our clients face in their full context, while taking into consideration the relevant businesses, markets and jurisdictions.


•       Coherence - Our advise is intricately linked to our clients problems and provide practical solutions.


•   Deliverance - Our solutions are easily and adequately open to implementation and thereby offer our clients continuity, consistency and confidence.


•     Agility – Our teams are built according to the specific and individual issues and requirements of our clients. These increases effectiveness by putting the appropriate teams with the appropriate clients, thereby ensuring that the highest quality advice is provided.


•     Our law firm Dhaka Bangladesh, is happy to introduce clients to our contacts or work with their established preferred advisors. We provide Value for money, irrespective of how complicated the issues are.



We work with light minded experts in their own jurisdiction, the level of communication and understanding between Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC) and our clients always take precedence over other issues.



LLC’s professional lawyers advice clients (local and foreign investors) related to Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution while total confidentiality maintained.