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Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC) endeavors to provide a constructive and professional legal service to clients by Supreme Court lawyers and advocates, even in times of challenging economical climate or disturbing political scenarios.



The focus is combined with our versatility, ensuring that our clients are never inconvenienced by the intricacies and complications of the legal system. LLC aims to provide high quality legal advice and practical legal solutions in a variety of practice areas including, but not limited to: real estate, power and energy, securities, banking and project finance, international trade and structured finance, infrastructure development, mergers and acquisitions, employment, company matters, foreign investment, shipping and admiralty and general commercial matters.



LLC, law firm Dhaka Bangladesh, concentrates on developing and strengthening multi-specialism, client care and due diligence during every aspect of a case. The primary focus is to bring a quality, creative and business aware approach to all aspects of our work, whilst providing practical and accessible solutions to complex legal problems. LLC maintains a collegiate working style with the purpose of being the best at looking after clients in all practice areas. LLC also focuses on initiating and developing our professional relationship with leading law firms across the world.



At LLC, our professional lawyers through their high quality advices to clients, have all amassed an excellent reputation for providing best and exceptional legal services to complicated cases. All our lawyers graduated from internationally recognized Universities in the United Kingdom (UK) and each of our lawyers has experience in working with prominent law firms, leading corporations and organizations operating locally and internationally.



Our dedicated lawyers with essential expertise for complex legal problems, working as a collaborative team, exemplify the best of both international and local experience forming the desired amalgamation dedicated towards strengthening, developing and maintaining our position as pioneer. At Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC), law firm Dhaka Bangladesh, we pay special attention to our commitment to excellence and our ability to find pragmatic solutions for the complex legal problems.