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Suraiya is our Advisor and Head of Administration & Human Resource Department at Legacy Legal Corporate. She believes in clarity and structure, and is well equipped to manage the needs of the firm. Suraiya is flexible and proficient, and an asset to Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC), Law Firm Dhaka Bangladesh.





Marine Chief Engr, CoC 1st Class
Maritime & Coastguard Agency, UK
Advisor and Consultant

Industrial, Maritime &

Socio-Economic Developments







Engr. Kazi Ashraf Haider, Consultant of Socio-Economic Developments, Industrial & Maritime sectors, is advisor of Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC). His vast knowledge and decades of experience from 1979 in the fields of Socio-Economic Developments Shipping & Admiralty, Infrastructure, Technology and Finance sectors makes him a valuable asset of the firm.



He passed out from Faujdarhat Cadet College (FCC) in 1976, from Bangladesh Marine Academy in 1979. Completed his Professional highest education from South Tyneside College (UK) in 1986. From 1987, he was Chief Engineering Officer and served in Maritime Sector’s various local and international companies & organizations.



During last two decades, he was also involved in Consultancy for Nation Building different projects with Bangladesh Government’s different Ministries and associated Govt. Organizations. Out of many some are:



From 1992 and onwards, one after another Fire Incidents were taking place in Factories of Garments sector. Main root causes of these destructive and fatal incidents were, (i) Negligence to conduct routine maintenance of electrical appliances & wirings; (ii) Overloading electrical circuits; and (iii) Sabotage.


Even if, fire at Garments factories do take place because of above mentioned or other causes, then too, shocking deaths of Garments Worker would not be there at all or could be kept to minimum. Provided (i) Workers were not forced to work in factories, of which gates of main entrance(s) were in lacked condition ; (ii) Factories had adequate Staircase and Emergency Exit routes ; (iii) Fire Detecting Alarm System as per system requirements were fitted; (iv) Fire Extinguishing Sprinkler System were fitted to extinguish fire at the beginning of fire; (v) Workers were trained under regular basis to fight fire when it starts; and (vi) Worker were trained about proper Evacuation Procedure at the time of fire or any other emergency situations.


From 1997 to 1999 Engr. Kazi Ashraf Haider conducted an in-depth research work on Garments & other sectors of National interests. In 1999, for Ministry of Home Affairs, he did prepare & submit Project Introduction & Implementation Consultant on “National Security & Safety Management System by establishing Central Control Station for Rapid Action Forces” for benefits of Bangladeshi people and Economy. In his Consultancy report, he did highlight many lacking in Garments and many other sectors and provided recommendations or way out to encounter or eliminate the root causes like inhuman deaths of Garments workers. As a result of his consultancy report, Govt. of Bangladesh (GoB) implemented “Central Command & Control Station for Police Force” and with little changes “Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)” was created for the benefits of the people.


But as a Nation, it was very unfortunate for us that- as per his consultancy, Security & Safety related recommendations for Garments workers were not implemented in garments factories, for ensuring Security & Safety of our economy’s driving force “the Garments Workers & Owners”. Whereas by now, because of fire devastation many valuable lives of Garments Workers were lost, which we could minimize to a minor fraction, if due actions were taken as per recommendations of Engr. Kazi Ashraf Haider.



During 1998 to 2004, a crisis did evolve related to Lifeline of Bangladesh i.e. Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) which was in operation since last 4th century BC. But CPA’s very existence in near future became unstable & uncertain. The stake was because of Govt.’s approval to a private company, Stevedoring Services of America-Bangladesh (SSAB) for constructing a Private Port at Karnaphuli River entrance, while CPA is located at 15 km upstream of Karnaphuli River. During that period, Engr. Kazi Ashraf Haider with his farsighted vision, did submit multiple numbers of Consultancy reports related future development programs of CPA, which would benefit CPA, Labours of Chittagong Port, as well as people of the country. Many of those were already implemented by CPA & Shipping Ministry and some are also in implementation processes now. Furthermore, by brain-storming argumental facts Engr. Kazi Ashraf did prepare entire document to fight Case of SSAB in Bangladesh High Court, against document that was prepared for SSAB by some World renowned foreign Maritime Consultants & Bangladeshi experts. As a result renowned barrister of the country Dr. Kamal Hossin & people of the country won the case and CPA’s very existence was ensured and workers rights were protected.



In early 2001, to enable smooth in & out of Export & Import cargoes to & from Chittagong Port, to increase Revenue Income of GoB’s Customs department, to enable hustle free trade for businessmen, to ensure non-flow of Contraband items (drugs, explosives, & etc) and etc., Engr. Kazi Ashraf Haider did submit Consultant report to Chittagong Customs & National Board of Revenue under Ministry of Finance and to Chittagong Port Authority (CPA), for implementing project related “Large Vehicle Scanning System”. Later this project was implemented by CPA, under Ministry of Shipping (MoS).



During 2002-2005, Energy Security of Bangladesh was at stake. The then Govt. was at the verge of deciding export of Natural Gas without ensuring “Energy Security of Bangladesh”. By doing so, Bangladesh would suffer tremendous shortfall of Natural Gas or by now all the Natural Gas would have been finished. Engr. Kazi Ashraf by his far sighted vision and calculations based on country's gas reserve, could find out that by year 2010 country would face Gas Shortage and would be unable to meet demand for Power Plants, Industries and etc., even if no gas is exported. Thus again he did prepared a Consultant Report and through necessary Govt. body did submit the report to the then Honorable Prime Minister. At the end Honorable Prime Minister did decide not to export Gas and Country’s Energy Security was ensured for the people of the country.



Furthermore at different times, Engr. Kazi Ashraf Haider was involved in different types of trouble shooting & clue finding consultancy, negotiations, foreign investment and etc. with & for different bodies of the country. He is an asset to “Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC)”, Law Firm Dhaka Bangladesh and Clients will be highly benefited from his knowledge, skill and expertise in sectors of:- Industrial & Maritime, Infrastructure Development projects, Public Private Partnership (PPP), Foreign Investment, Joint Venture projects, Power & Energy Sectors, Natural Resources and Gas Field Exploration sector, Renewable Energy sector, Solar Panel and LED Light Projects, Human Rights and many more prospective sectors of Bangladesh.






Sayed Mahsib Hossain

Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, UK
Advocate Supreme Court of Bangladesh
LL.B (Hons), Northumbria University, UK

External Legal Advisor







Sayed Mahsib Hossain completed his LLB Honours in 2010 from Northumbria University, UK. In 2012 he was enrolled as an Advocate of the Bangladesh Bar Council. In the same year, Mr. Hossain became a member in the Dhaka Bar Association and became competent to exercise his rights of audience in the subordinate courts of the country’s capital, Dhaka. During the following year, in October 2013 Mr Hossain was called to Bar of England and Welsh by the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, UK, after successfully completing his Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) from Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Later in 2015 he was permitted to practice in the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and since then he has been duly exercising his rights of audience in the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. During the following year, in 2016, he became a member of the Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association.



Hossain has appeared as an advocate before numerous arbitral tribunals and before the Courts in Bangladesh. Currently he holds the position of Associate in Lex Counsel. Mr. Hossain focuses his practice on company, corporate law and dispute resolution. He provides corporate and transactional legal advice on Energy, Intellectual Property, Tax, VAT, Telecommunication, Real Estate and Medical Negligence.