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Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC) barristers, solicitors, advocates and lawyers have all amassed an excellent reputation for providing exceptional legal services. All our lawyers possess internationally recognized qualifying law degrees, and all have completed their education from Universities of United Kingdom (UK). We equally value well-deserving candidates from top Bangladeshi Universities as well. Each of our lawyers has experience in working with leading corporations and organizations: Cisco, Microsoft, World Bank, Nippon (Singapore & Bangladesh), ABF, Isolux, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore & UK), BRAC and Prestige Ship Management are just a few examples of the many clients our lawyers have advised. Lawyers at Dhaka Bangladesh, are expert in Litigation, Arbitration, Dispute Resolution and Anti-Corruption Cases. LLC lawyers are competent to provide solution to clients for their complex and critical cases or issues.



We value our reputation and our constantly striving to reach new heights. We are respected for our commitment to excellence and our ability to find innovative solutions to the most complex legal problem. Our clients recognize and value this. Our Lawyers at Dhaka Bangladesh have excellent reputation for providing exceptional legal services for top industrial & commercial Sector of:-


1.      Admiralty and Maritime
2.      Agribusiness
3.      Anti Corruption
4.      Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
5.      Aviation
6.      Banking and Financial Services
7.      Corporate and Commercial
8.      Construction and Infrastructural
9.      Cross-Border Transactions
10.    E-Commerce and Telecom
11.    Employment, Labour and Benefits
12.    Environment
13.    Family and Matrimonial
14.    Foreign Investment
15.    Health Care
16.    Human Rights
17.    Income Tax
18.    Intellectual Property
19.    Insurance and Reinsurance (Shipping and Aviation)
20.    Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Restructuring
21.    Litigation
22.    Merger and Acquisitions
23.    Media, Entertainment and Sports
24.    Non Governmental Organization (NGO)
25.    Power, Energy and Natural Resources
26.    Project Finance
27.    Real Estate and Land
28.    Securities and Capital
29.    Work Permit, Immigration and Nationality