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Lawyers of Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC) played a leading role in the power, energy and natural resources (Gas) sectors for many years and our work in this area forms an integral part of our energy practice. Our work for the clients include license applications, mergers, business acquisitions and disposals, large projects joint ventures, environmental issues, tax and dispute resolution. We have been involved in the establishment or financing of a large number of projects in Bangladesh.



Our lawyers were also involved with acquisitions and disposals. We have acted on a significant number of the large projects in Bangladesh and have one of the leading practices in this area. Our lawyers have a strong track record of advising governments and private sector clients. We are also ready to assist our clients in meeting the ever more complex demands of regulatory frameworks, such as in emissions and energy trading, by providing highest level legal advice and industry knowledge.



The energy and resources groups and world largest business houses observes local and international various industry trends and development track records, establishment or financing large project. Such as developments in nuclear power, to help give its client the edge on issues that continue to dominate the energy and infrastructure sector of Bangladesh. Concerning nuclear power plant, lawyers of LLC - law firm at Banani Dhaka Bangladesh, are committed to provide best and highest level of services in association with global law firms for complex regulatory frameworks.



Furthermore, LLC Lawyers are well aware of industrial CO2 emissions and related Greenhouse Effect on our mother Earth and climate change. Thus based on environmental laws and regulations, we advice government and private sectors clients while implementing their projects and earnings related to energy trading.