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A very warm welcome to Legacy Legal Corporate.



On this website, we want to show you what Legacy Legal Corporate (LLC), Law Firm Dhaka Bangladesh, will truly mean for you and your business: the unique approach we take to the legal and business challenges, the work we do, the ethics we maintain, the dedication and spirit of our team.



At Legacy Legal Corporate, we focus on:


•     Putting our clients first and foremost.

•     Nurturing the special nature of the firm.

•     Providing practical and accessible solution to complex legal problems.

•     Bringing a quality, creative & business aware approach to all our work.

•    Maintaining a collegiate working style with a purpose of being the best at looking after clients.

•    Initiating and Developing our professional relationship with leading law firms across the world.



Our particular approach and strengths as a firm have helped us remain busy and provide a positive and constructive, cost effective legal service to all of our clients. We endeavor to do this even in times of challenging economical climate or disturbing political scenarios. We seek to ensure that our clients are never inconvenienced by the intricacies and complications of the legal system, since this becomes our priority once we sign on with the client.



We look forward to developing and strengthening our multi-specialism, our creative and upbeat approach, our client care and our due diligence during every aspect of our work.



I hope you enjoy your visit.



Barrister Jennifer Ashraf

Senior Partner

Legacy Legal Corporate